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When people think of Botox, they are likely thinking of a solution for their cosmetic needs. However, dentistry has begun to involve Botox to help treat certain orofacial conditions, like TMJ pain. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located at the base of the skull in front of the ear structure and connects the lower jaw with the upper jaw. TMJ pain can come from teeth grinding and clenching, as well as stress. Northalsted Dental Spa is now offering Botox in Boystown to help relieve some of your oral pain. We’re proud to be part of the approximately 16 percent of North American dentists now using Botox to treat our patients for both cosmetic and therapeutic uses.


What is Botox and How Does it Work?

Botox is a botulinum toxin drug that’s derived from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. Botox inhibits the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction, which eventually causes the muscles to initiate new acetylcholine receptors. As a result, Botox interrupts the contraction process by causing temporary muscle paralysis. Injections can last up to three months, eliminating or reducing the contraction. Over the three-month period, the muscle will return to its full functionality, there are no long-lasting side effects.


Botox Treatment for TMJ and Jaw Tension

When Botox is injected into the sore facial muscles due to TMJ pain, the patient will feel the relief in their jaw. Gone are the headaches from teeth grinding (which is associated with TMJ) and the fear of lockjaw.

Our Botox in Boystown is considered a non-surgical procedure in which injections are administered in our office and you are able to go home after the treatment is completed. After the procedure, you may see results relatively soon. Within a day or two of the first treatment, many patients experience improvement in their jaw capabilities.

The time of the procedure depends on the number of injections the patient needs and can sometimes be completed in as little as 30 minutes.


Botox Eligibility

Aside from TMJ pain, Botox is used for many different dental purposes. Botox may be beneficial for those who exhibit serious dental concerns, including:

  • Pain when yawning/chewing
  • Tender jaw muscles
  • Still jaw joints (that can lead to lockjaw)
  • Pain surrounding your ears, head, face, neck, or shoulders


Potential risks

Because the Botox used to treat TMJ is a non-surgical treatment, risks and side effects are minimal and temporary. It’s also possible that the patient may not experience any side effects at all. However, the most common side effects may include:

  • Headaches
  • Respiratory infection
  • Temporary eyelid droopiness
  • Nausea

We know how frustrating oral discomfort can be, so we will do whatever it takes to get you the smile of your dreams. If you think you may be eligible for dental Botox in Boystown or its surrounding neighborhoods, please reach out to us to set up a consultation. Northalsted Dental Spa is ready to give you that confidence-boosting smile without the pain!

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