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At Northalsted Dental Spa, Dr. Griffin and our team get no greater joy than seeing a patient in love with their new smile. We work hard to create amazing results, and some of our patients can’t help but share their pride in their new dental work! We’re delighted to share some testimonials and reviews from patients who have found their dream smiles at our Chicago area office!

If you’re ready to join these satisfied patients in having a set of teeth you can really smile about, don’t wait! Call us today at 773-296-0325 or make an appointment using our online form. We look forward to creating a great smile with you!



“I love Northalsted Dental Spa! Dr. Griffin and his team are excellent. I’ve been a patient there for over six years and have been extremely happy with all of the services I’ve received. They’ve handled my routine cleanings, checkups, and more. I had all four wisdom teeth extracted in their office and am almost done with my Invisalign treatment. Five stars and well deserved. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Richard, Chicago IL

“Just having moved to Chicago from out of state, and having the same dentist for 9 years, I was very reluctant when I know I needed to find a new one. I turned to my own online research and settled with Dr. Griffin after reading good reviews, and knowing I didn’t just want a general dentist. (I have veneers and wanted to make sure I selected a dentist that was able to support them if needed). I couldn’t be happier with my first appt. and meeting Dr. Griffin and his team. They echoed my previous dentist with how good my oral hygiene was and didn’t try to “upsell” anything. This to me is so important … as well as how welcoming the staff was. Highly recommend this office if you are looking for a quality dentist.”

-Sean, Chicago IL

“My dad is a dentist, but when I moved to Chicago I needed to find a new one. Hard to beat your dad. But I did when I found Dr. Griffin at Northalsted Dental Spa. He uses state-of-the-art digital imaging for the X-rays, very clean office, friendly staff, neat modern cleaning method – no spitting in a sink – uses suction & spray, and is always telling me what he is doing. The last point is not a small one. Nothing puts me at ease more with sharp objects in my mouth than when they tell me what they are about to do. They are very close to public transportation and I never wait. I highly recommend Dr. Griffin and staff. Have been going now for over 5 years.”

-Dori, Chicago IL

“I walked out feeling amazing and so happy I made an appointment! Dr. Griffin was nice, funny, and cautious of me. He made sure the paper I was reading was up to date, that I had the best treatment and I walked out feeling as if I was getting the best service. I did receive a list of things that need to be corrected with my teeth, but I don’t see that as a bad thing at all! I’d rather know about them than not and catch them early than later … I appreciate the honesty and look forward to my next appointment.”

-Brittney, Chicago IL

“I recently moved to this neighborhood and was looking for a new dentist closer to home. I had an appointment with Dr. Griffin and couldn’t have been happier. The office staff were really great getting me set up as a new patient, and I did the usual 6-month cleaning. When the Dr. came in to do his exam he suggested I get X-rays as I had not gotten them in several years. Really complete dental care and not pushy.”

-Jeffrey, Chicago IL

“After years of having my dental work done in the suburbs, I finally decided to find a place in the city that I could go to make it easier fit it into my schedule. I was referred to this place by a friend and it was a great experience! The office staff and hygienists are extremely friendly and make a normally painful and arduous experience significantly more tolerable. Dr. Griffin took into consideration what I had told him about the sensitivity of my gums and while he still did a great cleaning, I was not in significant pain afterward like I had been with other dentists. Overall, I had an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dentist in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area.”

-Justin, Northbrook, IL

“Dr. Griffin & Lucy are the best! I realize no one likes the dentist, but if you have to go, GO HERE! They are extremely flexible with scheduling. When I needed to get in quickly, they made time for me. They are extremely professional; Dr. Griffin explains everything he does as he does it. I’ve been in for cleanings, exams, filling and (the dreaded) root canal. Trust me, after all that, they have certainly warranted a high recommendation.”

-Nicole, Chicago IL

“I have been going to Dr. Griffin for almost 5 years. The staff and Dr. Griffin are super friendly. I never have to wait more than a week for an appointment. Also, when having my teeth cleaned, Dr. Griffin noticed a cavity and fixed it right then to avoid having me come back for another appointment. This has happened on more than just one occasion. Great time saver. Thanks!”

-Katie, Chicago IL

“I’ve been going to this dentist office since I moved to Lakeview about a year and a half ago. The receptionists, doctor, and hygienists always explain everything in detail. For example, the doctor is knowledgeable about what insurance plans cover and what they do not, so I got 2 X-rays this year since they’re included in my plan. The receptionists always make sure that I’ve met my 2 cleanings per year as well! I also learned how to floss properly from the hygienist, thanks!”

-Mandy, Chicago IL

“I was very pleased with my experience here. Very friendly atmosphere and the dentist was helpful in explaining and answering all of my questions. I will definitely recommend this to my friends! Great first impression! This is my new dentist office!”

-Bethany, Chicago I

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