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Financing Your Dental Care

When it comes to getting great dental care, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying to keep your teeth healthy. Everyone deserves a good set of teeth, and at Northalsted Dental Spa we’re committed to helping you keep healthy and within your budget.

We’re happy to discuss your financing options with you and will work with your insurance provider to make your dental care experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

What We Accept

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit cards
  • Insurance: we accept most forms of insurance and are glad to work with these providers to reach an agreement that benefits you!

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CareCredit and Lending Club

CareCredit and Lending Club are two great ways to finance your dental care – they work just like a credit card for your health! Both have great options for you. To learn more about each program or to sign up, visit either CareCredit’s website, or Lending Club’s website.

Once you go through their simple approval process, you’ll be able to pay back your dental care in easy monthly installments. We’re glad to help you find the solution that’s best for you!

We want to ensure you get the most out of your benefits and are able to receive all the care you need. If you have any questions about financing your care, don’t hesitate to call us at 773-296-0325 or get in touch using our online contact form. We look forward to helping you!

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