Your Holiday Sweet Tooth & Your Oral Health

Published on November 4th, 2020 by Michael C. Griffin, D.M.D.

To say that this has been an unprecedented year is an understatement. With so much extra stress added to our plates this year, it’s no surprise that many of us are reaching for the candy bowl more often than normal this year.

With the holidays coming up, virtual cookie exchanges and socially distanced potlucks are quickly becoming reality. Here’s what our LGBTQ dentist in Lakeview wants you to be mindful of to prevent the damaging effects of sugar this year.

The Presence of Healthy Bacteria

The mouth is full of hundreds of thousands of bacteria at any given moment, and believe it or not, many bacteria are beneficial to your smile. Certain bacteria in sugar-heavy foods like candy, juices or other sweets can build up and create acid in your mouth, leading to the destruction of tooth enamel.

If the bacteria isn’t removed and enough damage occurs in one particular spot, a cavity may develop. Cavities are localized bacterial infections that cause holes in your teeth. Without treatment, you may even need to get your tooth removed and replaced.

Avoiding Sugar is Impossible

Who doesn’t enjoy a good piece of chocolate now and again? We know that avoiding all sugar isn’t possible, and enjoying a treat here or there is a healthy part of life. To help minimize the effects of sugar, rinse your mouth with water after consuming it to help prevent harmful bacteria from sticking.

Prevention is also key; establishing a strong, consistent oral health routine is a great first line of defense against sugary snacks.

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