What Your Tongue Says About Your Oral Health

Published on March 19th, 2020 by Michael C. Griffin, D.M.D.

If you think about it, there are many aspects that make up your oral health. From your gums to your teeth to your tongue, it’s essential that you care for each of these aspects equally for a well-rounded routine. Our gay-friendly dentist in Boystown challenges you to consider your tongue health this spring. Not only do our tongues allow us to taste and swallow food, but it alerts our dentists about your oral health habits.

What Your Tongue Says About Your Oral Health

White Patches

A condition called leukoplakia appears as white patches on the tongue and they appear as the result of smoking or tobacco use. It’s especially important that you don’t skip over these white patches as they could be an early sign of oral cancer. Of course, it’s always advisable to quit your smoking and tobacco habit as soon as possible.

A White Coating

There are two reasons that you may see a white coating over your tongue. First, this could simply be from not brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth. Don’t forget this simple action every time you brush your teeth! Secondly, the white coating could be oral thrush which is a yeast overgrowth that can be treated via antifungal medication or unsweetened yogurt.

An Overly Red Tongue

Extremely red tongues are commonly associated with a vitamin deficiency, typically B-12 or folic acid. Remedying this issue is as simple as taking a supplement every morning.

If you have a tongue abnormality that isn’t mentioned above, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our gay-friendly dentist in Boystown. Our team at Northalsted Dental Spa is happy to examine your tongue and make recommendations based on your appointment. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment with our friendly team!

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