Early Signs of a Cavity

Published on May 18th, 2018 by Michael C. Griffin, D.M.D.

Your smile is always something about which you should feel confident, and, at the very least, it should be pain-free. Sometimes, decay can unexpectedly build up in your teeth, however, this decay may present itself in a variety of ways. You may not notice the decay until it’s too late. Here are some common symptoms of cavities that our dentist in Wrigleyville want you to know about.

Temperature Sensitivity

If you’re eating cold food such as an ice cream cone or drinking something hot such as tea or coffee, you may notice that your teeth are extremely sensitive. The pain ranges from mild to severe and it is extremely uncomfortable to deal with. Depending on the severity, the pain may be sharp and felt all at once or more of a dull, throbbing sensation that won’t seem to go away. Regardless of the type of pain, don’t ignore this sign of a possible cavity.

Bad Breath

Food particles and bacteria are attracted to cavities, as they are infected holes in the teeth. Because of this bacteria and decay, your mouth may have an ongoing bad taste, causing bad breath. Contact our dentist in Wrigleyville if your bad breath persists.

Dark Spots and Discoloration

Cavities appear in different ways depending on the individual and the tooth it is affecting. Some cavities are black, brown or even white and can appear as abscesses or holes in your mouth. The spot may be soft or sticky and are best evaluated by a professional.

If you notice something is off in your mouth, you may have a cavity. Scheduling routine cleanings with our dentist in Wrigleyville is a great way to ensure your mouth is healthy. Contact us today to get started!

Source: Reader’s Digest

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