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Restore Your Beautiful Smile

There are many reasons you may be missing teeth in your mouth. Sometimes you lose them due to an accident or other trauma. Some people are missing teeth because of genetic issues that lead to decay or neglecting proper dental care for a period of time. Regardless of the reason for your missing teeth, chances are you want to fix this issue, so you can smile with pride. At Northalsted Dental Spa, we offer patients in Wrigleyville and Boystown dental implants to replace missing teeth with a more natural look.

Are You a Candidate?

Not all patients can receive dental implants to restore their smile. Because the titanium posts are anchored into the jaw bone, it’s essential to have the proper bone density to support the structure. This is why we first conduct a bone density test to determine if you’re a candidate. If you don’t have the proper density, a bone graft may help restore your bone density, so you can receive the implants. We will also look closely at your overall and oral health to ensure you can safely go through a surgical procedure of this nature.

How Dental Implants Work

At our dental office providing services to Wrigleyville and Boystown residents, our dental professionals have completed a large number of implants for our patients. When you visit our office, we will perform an evaluation to determine the best course of action to give you the beautiful smile you desire. At your first appointment for dental implants, we will anchor the titanium post in place in your jaw bone. Once this heals, we will install the false tooth over the post, giving you the natural, beautiful look, you deserve. From both an aesthetic and functional perspective, it’s impossible to tell which tooth is an implant.

Keep Your Smile Healthy

Getting dental implants in Wrigleyville and Boystown can help you smile with pride. We understand how important it is that you’re confident in your smile. In addition to providing dental implants, we will suggest any other treatments that can help you keep your smile looking its best for many years to come. We will also instruct you on the best way to care for your dental implants. For the most part, you will care for them the same way you do for the rest of your teeth. However, it’s important to schedule regular dental visits to ensure the implant has healed properly and is performing as it was intended.

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