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Dental Sealants

Brushing is one of the very best ways to prevent oral health issues, but sometimes it isn’t enough by itself. Every mouth his a few hard to reach places that are hard to reach with a brush – and they don’t always get fully cleaned. When they aren’t cleaned, those teeth are at risk for tooth decay. Sealants are the extra level of defense against tooth decay.

Dental sealant is a plastic resin that bonds to the grooves in the area of a tooth used for chewing. The grooves of a tooth is filled and the surface becomes more smooth when it is sealed. This improves its ability to keep plaque at bay. Tooth brushing also becomes easier with sealants and its more effective preventing tooth decay

Typically sealants last anywhere from three to over five years. Sealants only provide your teeth protection when they are fully intact so if one comes of you need to let Dr. Griffin know as soon as possible.

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